Sepsis via Rule Based Notifications

Being a clinician is so stressful these days. There are many things to consider in patient care and Picis is helping to alleviate the stress by helping clinicians detect possible Sepsis in a patient with a rules-based notification system.

The hospital can configure the rules to trigger the clinician when a Sepsis diagnosis is possible. The rules can use lab results, vital signs and any parameters in the hospital’s protocol that are warning signs of possible Sepsis. Once the patient has met the criteria the system will notify the clinician with a red beacon icon to indicate that the patient has the indicators for Sepsis. The clinician will click on the icon and a configurable form will appear to document any other risk factors present in the patient. Once the clinician has reviewed the chart and documented the risk factors, the clinician will choose either positive or negative for Sepsis. The icon will appear in the flowsheet and turn gray if negative and gold if positive. Any clinician can review the documentation that the clinician documented. The system can be set to notify at certain intervals after the first notification.

The rules-based notifications are primarily used for Sepsis detection but are not limited to Sepsis. The rules can be configured to detect other diagnoses as well.

Feel free to reach out to me at for a demo of the new Sepsis – Rules Based Notifications.

À propos de l'auteur

Theresa Sullivan, Directeur, Soutien aux ventes

Theresa travaille pour Picis depuis 15 ans et est actuellement directrice du support commercial. Avec Picis, Theresa a mis en œuvre les solutions Picis dans une variété d'installations commerciales et VA, a fonctionné en tant que consultante clinique dans les ventes, a géré le programme de référence Picis et a soutenu les clients en tant que consultante stratégique principale dans les services professionnels. Avant de rejoindre Picis, Theresa était administratrice du système clinique dans un grand centre médical à Houston, au Texas.