Best Practice Documentation with PACU Manager

Just like all Picis products, the documentation screens should be reviewed yearly to ensure they are efficient and easy for the end-users to document. PACU is no exception. We tend to build our templates during the initial software implementation, the users get accustomed to them and then we don’t do a good job of reviewing the templates to keep them as efficient as possible.

Another recommendation is to get feedback from users as often as possible. We had one customer that put notebooks with Picis on the front in each department that utilized the Picis software. The instructions were to write down any issues or suggestions in the notebook. A good practice is to pick up the notebooks frequently and answer any questions and review any recommendations that the users may have and implement the good ones! This way the users feel heard and will continue to write in the books.

Having a good understanding of the functionality is a plus. There are so many features to the software that you may never know all of them, so ask! Even if you think you remember the answer, ask. One customer thought they remembered that the bag level option when you transfer or discharge a patient was a feature that was not optional. She mentioned that the end-users did not like it and it was not utilized properly. I told her to disable it. She said that wasn’t an option. I showed her in Customize under the preferences where the box was to uncheck it. Always ask!

There is always a way to make the software work for you. When asked to change a process or add a new process think about the many ways the software can make it work. Again, ask the experts any questions you or your team may have. We are always happy to help your look for the best options to solve the issue or potentially create a new process.

There are many ways to make the software work for you so remember to review templates, ask questions, get feedback and consult the experts!! See you next month!

À propos de l'auteur

Theresa Sullivan, Directeur, Soutien aux ventes

Theresa travaille pour Picis depuis 15 ans et est actuellement directrice du support commercial. Avec Picis, Theresa a mis en œuvre les solutions Picis dans une variété d'installations commerciales et VA, a fonctionné en tant que consultante clinique dans les ventes, a géré le programme de référence Picis et a soutenu les clients en tant que consultante stratégique principale dans les services professionnels. Avant de rejoindre Picis, Theresa était administratrice du système clinique dans un grand centre médical à Houston, au Texas.