L'importance de l'analyse des données de santé

Hospitals have been mining patient data for many years. Now more than ever, reporting and analytics have become one of the most important tasks. Not only is it essential to improve the quality of patient care, the patient and practitioner experience, advance medical research, as well as identify and utilize a tool to properly plan […]

Le Nouveau Picis 10

The anticipation is finally over – PICIS 10 is here!!! I am sure many of you have heard of Picis 10, but you may not have seen all the enhancements included in the beautiful, new user interface. Not only does Picis 10 have an updated look and feel, but we’ve also added in some useful […]

Windows End-of-Life Considerations and Potential Risks to Healthcare Facilities

It’s interesting how we often all can be in the same boat from a technology perspective. Advances and improvements in software generally make our lives easier and offer new and more efficient ways to run our day-to-day operations. Coming from a business operations background, I appreciate how our software can help drive results for our […]

Construire la documentation des meilleures pratiques infirmières dans OR Manager

En juin, nous avons discuté des meilleures pratiques concernant la documentation peropératoire. Souvent, des écrans de documentation sont créés et des champs sont ajoutés si nécessaire, mais ne sont pas souvent examinés pour s'assurer que les écrans de documentation suivent les meilleures pratiques. Plusieurs hôpitaux que j'ai visités au cours des dernières années ont eu de nombreux écrans de documentation dans le dossier de cas - un […]

Clinical Decisions Supported by Localized Evidence

In my last blog, I talked about how the Picis Multi-Doc Viewer allowed the consolidation of disparate pieces of data from various sources to be consolidated into a centralized location for clinicians to view. Envision leveraging Microsoft Power BI, is another offering from Picis that allows hospitals to plug directly into their health information system(s) […]