Tuesdays with Theresa: SmarTrack Next

One of the trending focuses in hospital surgery departments is communication with patients and families. With COVID keeping family members out of the hospitals, communication is key to ensuring successful outcomes for surgery patients. Picis is helping by providing that communication through SmarTrack Next. SmarTrack Next is a web-based tracking system that allows many folks […]

Planning for Your Organization’s Return to Office

Like so many organizations, the pandemic completely upended the way we work here at Picis. Prior to March 2020, telecommuting was mainly done on an exceptional basis, with prior approval. Now, over a year and a half into our remote work “experiment” that was borne out of necessity, we’re working to build a sustainable return […]

Sepsis via Rule Based Notifications

Being a clinician is so stressful these days. There are many things to consider in patient care and Picis is helping to alleviate the stress by helping clinicians detect possible Sepsis in a patient with a rules-based notification system. The hospital can configure the rules to trigger the clinician when a Sepsis diagnosis is possible. […]

Customer Demand

Customers are the beacon that drive a business to be successful. If a business is incapable of identifying problems for their customers and efficiently solving their real-world problems, the business will inevitably cease to exist. So, a curious mindset and a drive to constantly learn from customers is a very important arsenal in a business’s […]

Best Practice Documentation with PACU Manager

Just like all Picis products, the documentation screens should be reviewed yearly to ensure they are efficient and easy for the end-users to document. PACU is no exception. We tend to build our templates during the initial software implementation, the users get accustomed to them and then we don’t do a good job of reviewing […]

L'importance de l'analyse des données de santé

Hospitals have been mining patient data for many years. Now more than ever, reporting and analytics have become one of the most important tasks. Not only is it essential to improve the quality of patient care, the patient and practitioner experience, advance medical research, as well as identify and utilize a tool to properly plan […]